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This month we were proud to be named number 4 on Big 7 Travel’s 50 Best Steaks in The World!

Macelleria was the top-ranking of only five Australian steakhouses mentioned, applauded for our dedication to the provenance and traceability of the produce we serve. 

To be included in this list alone is a great honour. I have always felt that to try and find the “best” of anything can be quite a difficult task, particularly with food as it is primarily based on personal taste preferences. What we are focused on at Macelleria is delivering the perfect steak on a plate for you – not to be told it has to be this cut and must be cooked this way or that. Start off with great produce and cook it respectfully the way the customer likes (just not well done please), do it consistently and the customer will always leave satisfied and tell the world about their experience.


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