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About us

From the age of 6, I remember watching my father and uncle break down a cow to feed 11 hungry children (5 brothers and 5 sisters) and I prayed that I would never have to do that and find a real job!

The “real Job” lasted about 6 years of my professional career and my obsession with fine produce started just over 25 years ago. Quite frankly I had been trained from a very tender age to become fussier than your average human when it comes to selecting fresh produce and figured the best answer would be to just run my own businesses and feed myself and others.


Macelleria literally means “"Butcher Shop" and what we offer is Australia’s most desirable meat restaurant and a unique eating experience of uncompromising quality. At Macelleria we strive to be the best experience in real food and people. When you dine at Macelleria you will experience uncompromised quality, food that is great and healthy, the provenance and traceability of our food, an ethical approach, personalization & our expertise. We look forward to seeing you dine with us to experience the Macelleria difference for yourself!

Peter Zaidan , Founder/Chief Meatologist


Ordered the eye fillet and scotch fillet steak both medium rare. Delicious! Next time, I think I’ll go for rare cos I mostly prefer it that way. The retro burger was also decent. Many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from too. Chips were about as good as you can expect from a restaurant in Sydney.

Filbert Sim

The food was amazing. The steak is so fresh service is very fast. The beautiful. Desert and a coffee espresso less, I recommended everyone loved to have steak to come here.

Kid-friendliness: I love it and anyone who loves meat and fish they should come


The steak quality can’t be higher. However the medium rare was medium and the medium was medium rare (and not rested). It was very cold tonight (july) and the steel chairs are not inviting to stay for very long. Not sure but that may be intentional for hight turnover. In all a good night.

Justin Flaherty


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