Q&A: Laurence Tedesco, ‘The Winemaker’

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November 12, 2019
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Q&A: , Laurence Tedesco, ‘The Winemaker’

Have you ever been drinking a glass of wine with dinner and begun to wonder about how and why it tastes the way it does, how it was made and what the person that made it loves about it? At our Dinner with The Butcher and The Winemaker event, you get to ask all your pressing questions, plus learn about the provenance of the produce, whilst enjoying it, making it a night you’re sure to remember. We chatted with Laurence Tedesco, General Manager of Elgee Park Estate about what you can expect at The Glen this Thursday night. 

What have been some highlights of previous events you have hosted that guests can look forward to?

Wine dinners are always a unique experience, as guests can enjoy a specifically-designed menu with wines to match, whilst getting to know the people who make it all happen. 

What is the importance of matching quality food and beverage to the overall dining experience?

It is very important. Matching can also be sometimes difficult, as some ingredients may change the aromas in the wine as you enjoy them together.

Is there one varietal which has matured particularly well that the guests can look forward to on the night?

Definitely the Shiraz, which is a cool-climate red, and the Cabernet Merlot.

Describe your relationship with the butcher, have you co-hosted events together before?

This is our first event together, but we’re looking forward to many more in the future.

You can meet ‘The Winemaker’ Laurence at our Dinner with The Butcher and the Winemaker this Thursday 28th of November at Macelleria The Glen.

Dinner with The Butcher and The Winemaker

Macelleria The Glen

Thursday, 28 November 6pm-10pm

$115 – Book now