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January 10, 2020
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January 22, 2020

Meet The Winemaker: Rob Hawkings from Indigo Vineyard

Guests at our second Dinner with The Butcher and The Winemaker at The Glen will enjoy a tasting experience provided by Rob Hawkings from Indigo Vineyards. We chatted with him about his background, the heritage of Indigo and what he believes you can look forward to on the night. 

To get started, give us a background of the winery and heritage of the vineyard where the wine is produced?

Indigo Vineyard was planted in 1999 after a year long search for a super premium vineyard site.  We finally found the sheep station at Beechworth in an amazing valley.  The initial plan was to be just a grape grower for others including Brokenwood from the Hunter Valley but it only took a couple of years before we just had to make some wine.  While we are not certified organic, we have used no herbicides for some years, having initially used an undervine mower to control weeds and now using a cultivator.  Winemaking is based on minimum intervention and older oak to allow the regional and block-specific characters of these soils to be displayed. 

What have been some highlights of previous events you have hosted that guests can look forward to?

An options game is always a highlight.  We pour each guest a small taste of wine and they show their superior tasting skills to guess exactly what it is.  The questions go on until there is one person still standing.

What is the importance of matching quality food and beverage to the overall dining experience?

It’s funny how people who are ”into” great wine are always foodies.  The two simply go together hand in glove.  Food and wine should be partners, with neither dominating the other.  For our everyday meals we generally just “go with the flow” when choosing a wine.  For this event each wine has been carefully curated to bring out the best of each dish and wine.  An adventure for your taste buds.

Is there one varietal which has matured particularly well that the guests can look forward to on the night?

The 2015 Beechworth Shiraz perfectly fits with my philosophy which is to create wines of affordable luxury which are released at the start of their “best drinking” window.  An elegant, refined, cool climate shiraz with just enough age to show maturity.

Dinner with The Butcher and The Winemaker is happening at The Glen on Wednesday, 19th of February at 7pm. Tickets $99. Bookings essential.  Reserve your place now.