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At Macelleria, we pride ourselves on being able to trace exactly where our produce comes from. As Australians become increasingly concerned with the sustainability and provenance of the food they consume, they also need to be sure of the integrity and consistency of produce. This is why everything we stock is premium, high quality and raised in a healthy, natural environment.

Our meats are all raised on natural diets, devoid of any synthetic enhancers, and away from crowded environments. Ensuring our produce is raised in a natural, stress-free environment is important to us, both for the quality of the meat and for the welfare of the animals.   

You may have heard of it, or seen it as one of our offerings at Macelleria, and wondered what makes Cape Grim so special?

Cape Grim is a region in the far north-west corner of Tasmania, known for having the world’s cleanest air. Air quality is the result of carbon particles, and the particle count at Cape Grim is as low as 10, reaching a maximum of only 600. The average cubic centimetre of air contains 5,000 to 500,000 particles. This makes Cape Grim the world’s benchmark for air quality. 

Cape Grim Beef is totally grass-fed, with the local pastures perfectly primed to ensure consistency, full flavour and tenderness.

Produced from hand-selected British bred cattle, Cape Grim beef cows are raised without antibiotics, free of hormone growth promotants and genetically modified organisms, making Cape Grim Beef totally safe and not to mention, delicious.

Cape Grim Beef can have a marble score of 2+ and 4+, making it some of Australia’s best steak for flavour and texture. 

Cape Grim Beef is also known for its traceability, with each cut given an individual QR code. Whether you buy a cook-at-home piece from the supermarket, or order one at Macelleria, you can always trace your produce back to Cape Grim, and find out the exact location, size and farming practice used to raise the cattle. 

Cape Grim Beef is available to order at Macelleria Newtown. Reserve a table and try it today!

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